UPDATED 25th oct 2020

please check this page regularly this will provide any any important information regarding our business.

please note when paying via PayPal,that you release the funds to us as PayPal now holds our funds until the customer states they receive there products since we are a small business and relie on our supplier to send the products we need the funds before hand. To do this you need to log into your PayPal and click that you received your product in order for PayPal to release the funds to us otherwise we can’t complete your order. We try to get customers to avoid using PayPal for this reason as it’s a bit of muck around on our part.

we have many payment options using buy now pay later options as well as bank deposit.

please note that once we mark your products as sent the shipping company chosen will deliver it to you and with restrictions happening right now there could be a possible delay with orders we do our bets to make sure your products are sent to you quick as possible however it’s out of our hands once’s the shipping company ha s your products. Please expect a little extra time during the lock down period.

all our products are shipped within Australia unless stated in description on the products however at this time everything comes from Australia from various warehouses Aus wide.

we thank you for supporting our small local business and we appreciate it.