Devanti Counter Benchtop Dishwasher Portable Caravan Dishwashers Baby Bottle Sterilizer White

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Just like its full-size built-in cousin, the Devanti Benchtop Dishwasher is packed with extraordinary cleaning prowess too. With its convenient LED indicator light and touch controls, operating the dishwasher is hassle-free with up to six washing programmes to choose from. Each programme ensures a thorough 3600 wash with powerful sprays from top to bottom to remove every bit of dirt and food particles. Better still, it is also designed to clean baby bottles and toys safely and hygienically. Need to rinse and wash vegetables? Just place them into the bonus fruit basket and let the dishwasher does its effective work. The dishwasher also enables you to add water in two ways, with a top intake that lets you add water manually without any need for piped water connections. Not least, the automatic ventilation system keeps your washed dishes and utensils clean and dry for up to 72 hours. With many more great features too long to list here, our benchtop dishwasher is certainly the top choice for you when it comes to convenient and effortless dishwashing.

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_x000D_ *Freestanding benchtop dishwasher
_x000D_ *Three place settings
_x000D_ *Baby bottles and toys sterilizer (Bonus bottle holder included)
_x000D_ *Suitable for fruit and vegetable washing (Bonus fruit basket included)
_x000D_ *Touch control with indicator
_x000D_ *Built-in door handle
_x000D_ *Coated steel interior
_x000D_ *Insulated water tank - 5 litres water usage per full cleaning cycle
_x000D_ *29-minute rapid wash program
_x000D_ *360 degree swivel arm spray
_x000D_ *High water pressure
_x000D_ *Removes oil stains effectively
_x000D_ *Eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria
_x000D_ *Residual heat air drying
_x000D_ *72hrs storage system
_x000D_ *Top and side circulation and ventilation holes
_x000D_ *Internal illumination light
_x000D_ *Collapsible cup holder
_x000D_ *Removable cutlery basket
_x000D_ *Can easily add in forgotten dishes
_x000D_ *Removable spray arm for easy cleaning
_x000D_ *Removable filter for easy cleaning
_x000D_ *Detergent and rinse aid dispenser
_x000D_ *Smooth basket runner
_x000D_ *Add water through tap or jug
_x000D_ *Inlet and outlet hose set included
_x000D_ *No installation required
_x000D_ *Package is safe drop tested

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_x000D_ *Brand: Devanti
_x000D_ *Place settings: 3 place settings
_x000D_ *MEPS energy rating: 1 star
_x000D_ *WELS water rating: 2.5 stars
_x000D_ *Rated voltage: 220-240V/ 50Hz
_x000D_ *Rated power: 730W-860W
_x000D_ *Water consumption: 4.9L per wash
_x000D_ *Energy consumption: 142kWh per year
_x000D_ *Filter material: Stainless steel
_x000D_ *Tub material: Stainless steel
_x000D_ *Control panel: LED display
_x000D_ *Program control: Touch
_x000D_ *4 cleaning programmes: Rapid/ Intensive/ ECO/ Baby care
_x000D_ *Touch button functions: Power, Program, Program end, Baby care, Start/Pause
_x000D_ *Twofold filter system: Main filter and Fine filter
_x000D_ *Water pressure: 0.04-1.00MPa
_x000D_ *Water temperature: up to 70 degree centigrade
_x000D_ *Max plate diameter: 22.5cm
_x000D_ *Power cord length: 150cm approx.
_x000D_ *Inlet hose size: Standard 3/4 inch inlet hose
_x000D_ *Inlet hose length: 155cm
_x000D_ *Drain hose length: 155cm
_x000D_ *Overall dimensions: 42cm x 43.5cm x 43.5cm
_x000D_ *Colour: White

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Package Content
_x000D_ 1 x Mini Dishwasher
_x000D_ 1 x Inlet and Outlet Hose Set
_x000D_ 1 x User Manual
_x000D_ 1x Bonus Baby Bottle Holder
_x000D_ 1x Bonus Fruit Basket
_x000D_ 1x Bonus Water Jug


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